Top 5 Recommended Affiliate Programs for Book Bloggers

5 Favorite Book Affiliate Programs

Did you know that you could make good money doing what you love most? As a precocious reader and lover of books, there are several websites that are ready to offer you excellent titles for personal use and also pay you certain percentages for helping them generate sales by directing others to their online pages. For people looking for these rare opportunities, listed below are some compelling options for money-conscious book enthusiasts seeking to earn an easy living pursuing their passion. We asked affiliate manager, Anne Fognano, to recommend 5 affiliate programs for bloggers who promote books to their readers. Here are her top choices:

1. Lil Bear Book Club (

As an avid reader of books, Lil Bear Book Club enables you to not only find fantastic titles for your own reading but also an outstanding opportunity to earn some money referring others to specific books available on the internet. The platform features an inexhaustible collection as well as handsome referral payouts for every successful purchase you influence online. To get more info about the site’s affiliate program, readers are directed to visit the main webpage or contact the client help desk for further details.

2. Book of the Month (

One of the very few websites that offer juicy titles to keen lovers of books worldwide, this one-of-a-kind platform has cur itself a covetable niche as a top favorite for several thousands of literary enthusiasts out there. As the name already suggests, this hub focuses on particular favorites, with a book ranking criterion based on a given volume’s popularity within a fixed period of time. This affiliate package is unquestionably among the most rewarding in the industry since marketing partners simply advertise favorites that have already built themselves some measure of appeal in the book market.

3. Cricket Media (

This is one of very best sites that provide particularly designated books for readers of varying age groups. Impressively, this site has great resources for little infants as young as 3 months. To get the best options for your kid, you should simply visit the main page and choose the age category of your young one(s). Since you’re the one who understands your infants better, just scroll through the available titles until you get something that they’ll love flipping through.

4. I Can Kids (

Just like the web title suggests, I Can Kids offers singularly interesting books that open kids’ minds to a world of endless possibilities and potential. It’s one of the surest ways any parent can build their children’s personal confidence by acquiring them wonderful books that suit their unique tastes and practical preferences. Above all, the extraordinary platform features thoroughly edited and specifically drafted readers for every kid’s special gifts and talents. To make money marketing such in-demand reading materials, you only need to target parents with young ones in the elementary classes. Given the obvious fact that fathers and mothers can do anything to positively model their children, your income as a successful affiliate is wholly guaranteed.

5. Unlimited (

On this extraordinary online hub, you’ll find an incomparably wide range of books that tackle different topics of your choice. The webpage provides interested readers with all the volumes they want just for $7.99 per month. As an affiliate, your individual payouts depend on the number of successful purchases your influence through your internet advertising efforts. Some grateful earners on this awesome commission system claim to have enjoyed a whopping 6% of their total sales referrals. It’s without doubt a worthy opportunity that deserves your best attempt as a reader and online marketing partner.