The Martian Book Review by Andy Weir

The Martian Book Review by Andy Weir

The Martian Book Review Written by Andy Weir

“I’m pretty much hosed.

That’s my considered opinion.


These are the first words delivered, well almost I cleaned them up a little, to his logbook by Mark Watney, the adventurous and energetic star of the science fiction novel – The Martian by Andy Weir.

“The Martian” is a science fiction novel that speaks of the loneliness of the human being and its hidden potential. It speaks of the possibility of knowing how to overcome the difficulties. The Martian is a worthy novel that captures even those who are not a fan of science fiction or orbital mechanics. It is a very detailed description of the Martian environment which absolutely grips the reader with a confidential tone.

This is also the book that inspired the eponymous film by Ridley Scott. The movie is great as well and worth watching for sure. I usually rent movies first and then purchase the ones I really like. I rented The Martian from the Redbox last week and watched it using this sites free Redbox codes. Seems like they always have a code for a free or discounted rental.  It was amazing and definitely going to be adding it to my Blu-Ray movie collection.

Back to the book….


The Martian describes the adventure of Mark Watney, an astronaut, who miraculously escaped an accident that involved the Ares 3 ship and all its crew. The latter, believing him dead after seeing him hurl out of the cockpit and pierced by an antenna, cannot do anything but flee in search of salvation.

But Mark is far from dead, and with his air of arrogance and practicality clings to life tenaciously. Along with an innate sense of humor, his audacity, his strength, and above all, the desire not to be beaten by that world not suited to man, Mark will do anything to survive on an inhospitable planet like Mars. The planet where the extremely thin atmosphere, the lack of water, the high presence of CO2 and an average temperature much lower than that of Earth are totally unsuitable for a land creature, risking to kill him on many occasions. Mark finds himself in the worst nightmares that can happen to a human being. Having been abandoned on an unknown planet, where he has no chance of sending signals to the base camp since the communication equipment has been destroyed.

Very self-deprecating and with an innate sense of humor, Mark transcribes in his diary, every day spent on Mars, describing with accuracy and precision, the engineering techniques used to derive water from the atmosphere, to create a fertile ground for the cultivation of vegetables, in particular, the potatoes, so that they will save him from death by starvation.

Lonely on the red planet, Mark, fishing in all its botanical experience as an engineer and an astronaut, tries to find out some ingenious strategy for gathering food, getting water, while trying to communicate with the Earth and, above all, move from Acidalia Planitia up to Schiaparelli, along desolate expanses of red Martian sand, to save his skin and be picked up by the next futuristic mission Ares 4.

But all is not lost and Watney has luck on his side. In fact, he will not be forced to have to wait four years for the arrival of Ares 4 because the crew of Ares 3, aboard Hermes, became aware of his status and his fight for life. They go back to rescue him and therefore carry the largest shipment aid in human history.

Thoughts On the Book

Andy Weir, a California-based programmer and software engineer, passionate about aerospace engineering, relativistic physics, mechanics and orbital space exploration history, gives the breadth of all his knowledge to plot situations to the limit, life-saving solutions for a chemical arsonist, and uses extremely technical calculations where it is easy to get lost.

Describing in detail and consistent engineering techniques that are the basis of the descriptions of Mark, and the physio-chemical characteristics of the Martian planet, Weir leads us right on the red planet and it is as if we were in the place of the astronaut-looking botanical a way to fight the hours, the time that there seems to flow differently, hunger and the desire to fight until our last chance. The author makes real detailed descriptions of all the feats of survival by the protagonist (Mark), which denotes a mastery of the subject matter by the author, and this is definitely a positive mark.

In Conclusion

It is from the sixties that man commenced studying a way to reach the red planet by sending probes, Rover and other unmanned vehicles to collect data and bring them back to Earth. NASA, today, is planning to send a rover in 2016 for the Astrobiology Field Laboratory mission.

The Martian by Andy Weir is therefore not just a novel but it represents an advance of what man will be able to do in the coming years. Unexpected events, of course, are around the corner, to take the reader with bated breath. Beyond the frequent technicalities, the writing is simple and not too sophisticated.

For the moment let’s just enjoy this overwhelming story…!

The Martian Movie Trailer

Here is a trailer for the movie as well. Like I mentioned it is definitely worth checking out as well. I always like to read the books first, but the movie does a great job of portraying the story as well. Of course having Matt Damon as the star helps too.